Library for all


„Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world” – Nelson Mandela

Books are fundamental to a cultural self development and language skills improvement, as the English classes in school are not sufficient. Reading stimulates imagination and creativity and helps everyone become a more efficient person in every day life (through imagination and the power to generate ideas).

The project „Library for all” will generate further interaction between people such as reading sessions and debates. The project will focus on three main activities:
– English Library (will adopt the system in which the reader can rent a book within a certain time frame. The books will be used during the reading sessions in schools, Laja Teahouse and Club Dziupla. The books English, English/Czech and English/Polish will be novels, children books, history, culture and environment books),
– reading session and debates (connected to important events during the year. For the reading sessions we will use the English/Czech and English/Polish books. After the reading sessions, the books will be available in the two libraries.)
– creative workshops related to book culture (book binding).

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